Assisted Living Management

There are two different kinds of facilities that are part of assisted living management: hospitality and medical. The more common of these two facility types is medical, which experienced a boom in growth during the mid-1990s.


There are licensing standards set for medical assisted living facilities that are also known as Skilled Nursing Facilities. However, at this time there is no countrywide standard for non-medical assisted facility licensing. Therefore, it is up to each assisted living manager to become familiar with the regulations in their own state and ensure their facility meets those state-decided licensing requirements.


An assisted living manager can utilize a variety of models to package and price their assisted living services. For example, it is common for some assisted living managers to include most of the provided services in a daily or monthly flat rate, while others charge for “add-on” services that are more geared to the amount of care needed.


Memory Care Management and Consulting can bring many services to the table such as operational audits, customer service and sales training, mystery shop, competitive analysis, job description review, risk management and policy and procedure evaluation.


We have found that auditing and analyzing what is currently in place and what is best for the residents is a crucial first step. Before the right fee schedule is agreed upon, the residents and their daily activities should be reviewed to see what each resident needs and as a result how much a service should cost. Each resident should be reassessed frequently to ensure the cost and services are appropriate and costs associated with a slow creep in the resident’s acuity are recovered. Memory Care Management and Consulting is proud to partner with your organization to do this.


One of our trained memory care consultants can advise you on the best pricing method for your facility based on its location, services offered, quality of facility, etc. They can help you with this evaluation of the residents and also the interaction with any skilled nurses on staff and other team members. We can conduct Assisted Living Market Analysis to determine the right price points and more about your competitive position compared to other facilities.


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