Case Studies

At Memory Care Management and Consulting, we are proud of proven track record of excellence with our team and client partners. Here are a few of the myriad comments we receive validating and reinforcing the effectiveness of our operating models and compassion of our team:


“I am writing this letter to compliment all of the staff members at the Potomac Homes in Mahwah. My sister and I spent many hours visiting our mother and we were always amazed to see the staff perform their duties in what appeared to be an effortless manner. We quickly learned to appreciate how complex their job really is and we want to acknowledge the excellent job they do. The staff always treated my mother with kindness and respect.”


“You possess talents, knowledge, and skills that are very rare in this industry, and you will be sorely missed by our staff and residents alike. During your tenure, you have handled and overcome major obstacles. A lesser person without your perseverance and competence would have failed where you succeeded.”


“I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for the job you have done with those staff working under you. I had taken a tour of two of your homes in regards to a loved one’s condition, I wanted to learn more about your programs in an effort to sway my in-laws into consideration of these programs. I definitely left with a wonderful impression and this will help me try to convince my in-laws of the same.”


“I was enormously pleased with the work Ben did for us prior to the sale of our company to Genesis Health Ventures. He worked hard, he showed himself to be exceedingly knowledgeable about assisted living and senior housing, and fulfilled every requirement of the position.”