Fiscal Responsibility in Memory Care Management

Fiscal responsibility is a major concern for all memory care consulting firms in our current economy. Ensuring that the cost of doing business, and as a result the cost passed onto the consumer, is at the optimal point for both the facility and the residents.


With thirty years of experience and expertise, Memory Care Management and Consulting knows how essential finances are to you in your role as facility operator, employer, and assisted living service provider. The role of providing service to such a vulnerable and in need population as Alzheimer’s patients and dementia patients is a special and community-oriented element that requires trust, respect, and transparency. Here are some of the ways we can help you manage cost and increase resident occupancy at your facility while maintaining the integrity of your role:


Memory Care Census Development – Memory care census development is an important consulting service that helps enhance occupancy for memory care managers, regardless of how many facilities you operate by going through your facility and operations systems step by step while reviewing your competition. Click here to learn more.


Assisted Living Market Analysis – The assisted living market analysis will work to analyze the competition and demand for key memory care needs, such as independent living, assisted living, or dementia care. A memory care manager can utilize an assisted living market analysis to help determine appropriate pricing for new or expanding services in their facility. Click here to learn more.


Operational Consulting – We approach our work as memory care consultants with one simple ideal: the key is integration, not replacement. When working to develop a team effort, it is critical to have all participants onboard and ready and willing to do what is needed. Each person on the team must be convinced that it is in his own best interest for the team to succeed. No one person on the team can be perceived as more important than another. Click here to learn more.


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