Green Assisted Living

We have found that the most high potential markets for building green assisted living communities include the greater Portland area, the greater Seattle area, the San Francisco Bay area, much of Colorado, and Austin, Texas. Notwithstanding, there are green neighborhoods in major cities nationwide from Boston to Pittsburg to Miami.


As part of our expanded mission, Memory Care Management and Consulting embraces sustainable practices in all our operations and has made it a goal to develop truly sustainable and green living facilities in markets like Austin that have a value-added belief in sustainability. In these markets, assisted living management companies that commit to green construction receive additional marketing power due to the area’s openness and excitement over green construction. And in a booming assisted living market, every additional competitive edge is worth the investment.


Memory Care Management and Consulting is currently pursuing development opportunities in Austin and San Francisco Bay area. To learn more about what Memory Care Management and Consulting and green construction can do for your assisted living management firm, visit one of our affiliated partners: