Independent Living Management

Independent living facilities are different from assisted living facilities and memory care facilities because they allow residents to maintain a lifestyle that is similar to what they would have if they continued to live in their own home. Similar to assisted living facilities, meals and activities are part of independent living facilities. However, in independent living facilities, residents are more autonomous and have greater control over their comings and goings, and how they generally spend their time.


Independent living management is a different role than assisted living management or memory care consulting because it is focused on providing a social model that can include everything from transportation to local destinations to restaurant style food and beverage to a fully stocked library to a wellness center with a pool or spa. Independent living facilities do not offer medical care services like assisted living or skilled nursing facilities.


It is wise for assisted living managers to think about including independent living facilities on their property as a way to offer people a transition stage or to keep older couples close to one another, even though one might require more assistance or regular medical attention than the other. In fact, many assisted living managers now include a range of specific assisted living options associated with independent living arrangements, including memory care facilities, to accommodate the continuum of care needed when catering to an older population. For managers who are trying to turn around distressed assisted living facilities or underperforming assisted living facilities, including independent living may provide a boost to revenues.


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