While activities with their peers can provide a good sense of community and enrich residents’ lives, whether they are in memory care or independent living, interacting with a diverse group of people and multiple age groups can make a huge difference in a resident’s sense of emotional wellbeing.


One of the things assisted living managers can do to encourage this emotional wellbeing even for residents who don’t have family close by is to organize programs that promote intergenerational contact.


Memory Care Management and Consulting has spend the last two developing a variety of Interage Programs that focus on bringing together different age groups and encouraging interaction with memory care and assisted living residents. Some examples of these programs are:


  • Senior mentoring programs for teenagers and young adults


  • Game-based Clubs, such as dominos and chess


  • Adopt a Grandparent Program for elderly residents that have family far away or no family at all


  • Preschool/Senior Companion Program – a unique program that matches pre-school children with memory care residents, primarily Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Directors of Nursing homes and memory care managers have seen defined and cognitive improvement in residents that participate regularly in the program.


Comprehensive residential care seeks to keep as many routines, opportunities, and relationship types from their lives present and accessible a possible. Contact your memory care consultant today to learn more about these intergenerational programs and how you can increase the wellbeing of your residents.