Memory Care Operational Consulting

At Memory Care Management and Consulting, we are eager to help you manage your assisted living facility in the most optimal fashion and share with you our years of experience successfully operating with assisted living managers and memory care managers.


We approach our work as memory care consultants with one simple ideal: the key is integration, not replacement. When working to develop a team effort, it is critical to have all participants onboard and ready and willing to do what is needed. Each person on the team must be convinced that it is in his own best interest for the team to succeed. No one person on the team can be perceived as more important than another.


When everyone has their role, the endeavor can move forward straight and true. Results happen when you abandon the traditional work mentality (employer and employee) and instead work in a way that each person thinks and acts like an owner with the best interests of the residents in focus. As memory care consultants, it is our job to strengthen these existing relationships on your team and bring our proven systems and expertise to your team in order to produce results.
What makes us different is our unique operational programming model. By working in tandem with the care plan established by your facility’s Director of Nursing or Medical Director, we can provide operational aides with a defined agenda for each of the patients in his/her caseload on a daily basis. This is far more than what many operators provide. And we are proud to state that it has been proven to improve the quality of life and longevity of residents as well as resonating with families and referral sources.


We seek to find ways to celebrate performance among your staff and encourage monitored risk taking. Your aides on the front line must feel supported, appreciated, and valued. We can help make this happen in a cost-effective, sustainable way.


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